What should you know about your options?

When considering medicare advantage

It's all about Network, Network, Network

When I talk to clients who are considering Medicare Advantage, I make sure to emphasize that they must stay in the network and get referrals to see specialists.

I tell my clients that Medicare Advantage is a “pay as you go” system. You don’t have a monthly premium (most Arizona plans), but you pay a co-pay when you see a doctor. You pay a co-pay for diagnostic tests. You pay a big co-pay if you end up in the hospital.

I tell my clients that Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement is a “pay in advance” system. You pay the Medigap premium every month and then, when you see doctors, or end up in the hospital, you have no co-pays (Plan F) or limited co-pays (Plans G, C, N).

When I talk to people who are turning 65, we compare Medicare Advantage to Medicare plus a Medicare supplement. People who are healthy are drawn to the “pay as you go” Medicare Advantage program. I always warn them them their health can change and they might not like their Advantage plan so much if they become seriously ill.  What happens then?

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