Are you putting your money in the right buckets? What percentage in which bucket is right for you? 

It’s Keeping It Simple Money Management.

The “Everyday” bucket includes things like Groceries, your Mortgage/Rent, Gasoline and your essentials.

There’s your “Rainy Day” bucket: things like Vacations, Home Repairs, Medical expenses, Car Maintenance, etc.

You also should have a “Peace of Mind” bucket that you want to save and protect. This bucket is made up of Money you can’t afford to lose, you want this money 100% Safe to Preserve for your Spouse or Family.

Your “Accumulation” bucket is money you can afford to lose that won’t hurt your lifestyle.  Here you have potential for higher gains …but also bigger losses.

The right percentage in the Accumulation bucket also depends on your Stock Market Pain Tolerance.

Do you understand the right percentage for 
your Financial Bucket List?

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