ready for retirement

Who are you depending on for your financial success?

Investment Brokers – Stocks/ Bonds/ Mutual Funds
Attorneys – Business/ Tax / Estate Planning/ Trusts/ Wills
Real Estate Agents – Buying/ Selling/ Rentals
CPAs & Accountants – Tax Planning / Tax Preparation
Insurance Agents – Life/ Health/ Disability/ Annuities/ Long Term Care
P & C Insurance Agents – Auto/ Home/ Business/ Professional Liability
Bankers or Mortgage Brokers – Auto Loans/ Business Loans/ Mortgage Loans

With all these choices, do you find yourself frustrated with trying to understand
and make successful financial decisions? Let us simplify this process, and educate
you on how to take charge and achieve financial success.

At Retirement Mastery, we have more than forty years of trusted experience in
working with people in the financial and retirement planning field. Many times we
fail to consider the basics when planning for future events.

• TARGETS – What are your expectations of short, medium, and long-term goals
with regard to safe, moderate, or high-risk investments? Are your goals specific, written, and measurable?

• TIMING – What are your time lines when considering the types of investments?
When will each investment change from accumulate to distribution? What’s your exit or get out strategy?

• TALENT – How often should you tweak, reallocate, or reposition investments?
What percent of your investments should be guaranteed, fixed, growth, or income investments?• TEMPERAMENT TOWARD RISK – On a scale of 1-10, what percent of your
investments do you feel comfortable in safe & secure investments, conservative to
moderate, or high risk?

• TAXATION – What percent of your savings and retirement are in taxable, tax
deferred, or tax free investments? Have you considered how to reduce taxation upon distribution?

 – How have you made decisions in the past? How successful have your past advisors recommendations been? How often do they review or remove your investments
from market risk?

Only after careful consideration and selfexamination to these six T’s can you begin to build a well-designed written plan to financial success. Did your financial advisor, broker, or planner discuss these topics or questions? Or is it the same old, same old? Buy and Hold Strategy, Asset Allocation, and Diversification story; the market will come back it always has; it’s only a paper loss; stay in the market.

At Retirement Mastery we will carefully analyze your questions and concerns as
they pertain to your plan and goals. Our focus is on Wealth Preservation and
Wealth Creation. After we analyze and understand your individual circumstances,
we make specific recommendations, options, and choices to provide you with a
successful plan of action. Upon implementation of your plan, we will monitor and
provide regular scheduled review sessions to maximize the opportunity for the
success of your goals and objectives.

We do look forward to serving your planning needs. Please feel free to contact
us to schedule a complimentary one-hour visit to learn more about where you
are, where you’re going, and what your exit and income strategies may be. For
more information on wealth preservation and wealth creation call Ron Richards at
Retirement Mastery, 970-310-4084.

Retirement Mastery and Ron Richards are not engaged in tendering tax,
investment, or legal advice. Ron Richards is a Colorado licensed, independent,
insurance agent who represents numerous insurance companies. This
information is not related, to, endorsed by, nor connected with, or approved by
any government agency organization. Federal & state tax laws and regulations
are subject to change. If tax, investment, or legal advice is required, seek the services
of a qualified professional.