Lifetime Wealth Cycle

During the Fragile Risk Zone, the years right before and right after retirement, your money is the most susceptible to market downturns.  This is where you have the most money to lose.

Are you in the Fragile Risk Zone or concerned about asset protection? Do you have a well thought out written Retirement Strategy?

The four biggest questions people have around Retirement Planning is:

1. Will my money last the rest of my life…
2. What happens if my spouse or I become ill…
3. Will I be able to pass my assets on to my children or heirs…
4. How can I minimize taxes on my distributions…Retirement Mastery is here to help you understand what to do best. Give Ron Richards a call at 970.310.4084.

Ron Richards and Associates does not provide tax, legal, or investment advice.  If these services are needed; seek the services of a qualified professional.

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