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What our customers say

A great community man…

Ron has become such a great coach for me and my family over the last few years. His knowledge is rounded and he is so willing to help with whatever I need help with financially. He is a great community man also. Thank you Ron.      – Ray Lordeman

As a millennial looking to start…

Ron is an open book, very honest and always looking out for your best interest. He can answer all your questions about retirement, giving you his full attention. As a millennial looking to start investing in the future, I recommend having a consultation with Ron.      – Alysha Melaragno

Investing our retirement money…

We have been investing our retirement money with Ron for more than 24 years…even during the  market corrections and down turns in the market we have never lost money. We totally trust Ron in helping us with the tough decisions with our Retirement, Healthcare, and Estate planning.     – Duane & Kay

Our money goes up everyday…

“Ever since we listened to Ron and what his programs have to offer us for the future, we no longer even watch what the stock market is doing. Our money goes up everyday, and it is guaranteed! Sure makes sleeping better without any worries!”      – Kent and Eileen

Why we do it

retirement Strategies

The happiest people in retirement are people who have regular dependable monthly income. If you are an individual or a small business owner, we will help you plan for your future.

Many people work for money, and do not work to learn. When planning for retirement, its critical that we plan our work and work our plan. A well thought out written strategy is a must for a successful retirement. We provide a written road map to growing and protecting assets from market losses and medical costs associated with long term care costs. Understanding your Social Security options and opportunities play a significant role in retirement income planning. We provide a written Social Security maximization report detailing the optimal time to begin taking SSI income.


Financial education is the one area missing in our schools today. We are committed to teaching financial literacy to everyone willing to learn. Helping clients understand the difference between asset’s that produce income and a liabilities that costs you money is a great starting point. Our primary objective is to simplify the complex issue of retirement planning.


We ask people what their passion and purpose is with regards to retirement assets., meaning income, growth, or to leave a legacy to your spouse and family. For many people, this helps to clarify why, how, and when they plan on retiring. Getting people to feel themselves already there is an important step in the process of retirement planning.

social security

It’s the choice of a lifetime

does your retirement income look like this?

what is the color of your money?

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